Our nod to south Louisiana’s
farming community

The willowy sway of sugarcane stalks in the field has been a familiar sight across south Louisiana since Jesuit priests introduced sugarcane to the territory and French colonist Jean Etienne de Bore harvested the first raw sugar crop more than 200 years ago. De Bore pioneered granulated sugar processing in Spanish-controlled Louisiana, harvesting the first successful crop in 1795 on a plantation located where Audubon Park in New Orleans sits today. Later, Francois-Gabriel “Valcour” Aime perfected a method of refining sugarcane on his sprawling plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana. The hardworking ingenuity of these men – and of thousands of Louisiana farmers since – formed the backbone of the state’s agricultural economy. Canefield Tavern is our nod to south Louisiana’s farming community. Our menu is rooted in good, honest ingredients and familiar southern flavors, and we prepare our food from scratch daily.


5251 Nicholson Drive
Baton Rouge, LA
Ph: (225) 367-6150 Fx: (225) 442-1621 canefieldtavern@gmail.com
Secure parking behind restaurant.

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